Polymer Clay Abstract Art that you can wear!

Polymer clay is an amazingly versatile medium that anyone can use for creating beautiful abstract art jewelry. A variety of brands and colors widely available in art and craft stores and online. It is not expensive, it doesn’t really dry even if you leave it uncovered, it is not toxic and can be cured in a regular household oven or even a tiny toaster oven.

It has been around for a while and there are many tutorials and dedicated sites available for an enthusiast of any level, from beginner to advanced. Playing with polymer clay is addictive, there are so many possibilities, so many techniques: “Mokume Gane”- borrowed from the old Japanese masters of metalwork, twisting, blending, combining, slicing – hours and hours of fun for a creative soul with an added bonus – you can wear it!

Here we invite you to admire and be inspired by the work of 3 polymer artists we found on Flickr who are producing stunning jewelry pieces some of which just as complex as a full-size abstract painting. You can visit the artists’ sites on Flickr by clicking on their names, clicking on the image will take you to the respective site on Flickr as well.

Cathy Dumauvoble on Facebook

patchwork arc-en-ciel un peu dégingandé / crooked patchwork rainbow

Mabcrea and her blog

leftovers 5
kato like 1

Selected sites and resources about polymer clay art:

The weekly polymer arts blog

Polymer Clay Daily

The Blue Bottle Tree

Over the Rainbow – the largest specialist online shop (located in Australia)

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