Abstract iPad Painting with Procreate

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Digital painting is becoming more and more accessible and widely accepted. And the variety of tools and methods that is becoming available is certainly tempting to give it a try. The most common tools that were used by digital artists for a long time – Photoshop and drawing tablets – now have to compete with the others, notably iPad and Procreate. Of course, Procreate doesn’t yet offer the mind-blowing variety of Photoshop tools, but it also currently charges only US$9.99 one-time fee to download.

It offers a range of tools like pens and brushes to paint and draw on your iPad screen (using an Apple pencil) as you would on paper or canvas. You can create complete multi-layered digital masterpieces or simply use it for sketching and practicing your compositions.

My inspiration for trying digital abstract art (and buying a second-hand iPad Pro, which I love!) was finding an extensive collection of iPad paintings by Helene Goldberg on Pinterest. Some of them are just so perfect from the point of view of composition, rhythm and balance.

High resolutions prints of such digital works look very cool with crisp lines and vibrant colors. They are well suited for print-on-demand sites. Here I invite you to have a looks at my digital artworks collection created during a couple of months during the boring quarantine last year.

Some of them available on my FineartAmerica site as prints and more!

I am just a beginner in digital painting and most of these artworks were created using just Sketching (Derwent and Procreate pencils) and Charcoals, plus using some Painting brushes. I wasn’t aiming for glowing or 3D effects, just was painting as I would in “the real world”. It certainly was a lot of fun, and my journey continues!

Nelli Horrigan

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